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Magical History Tours


Welcome to Bay Oak Publishers where we will be introducing a number of topics from history to geography and much more!

Studying history should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to present history in an engaging format to young readers by “taking them for a ride” back into history. We believe that by meeting people and places alive with action and excitement, students will become involved and actually enjoy history. They will return again and again for more fascinating stories that tell of people and events of the past. These stories are a shared legacy available to anyone who wants to hitch a ride on our Magical History Tours. We strive to produce quality literature that will enlighten and support the study of peoples and events. In each tour, young time travellers from the twenty-first century explore a topic or event in the early history of the mid-Atlantic region. In-depth research has been completed to determine historical accuracy. Future tours include books that will tell the stories of the Underground Railroad and the pirates who roamed the waters of the Delmarva Peninsula. Our Magical History Tours are written with the young reader in mind. Vocabulary and content are suitable for readers aged 8 to 11, and a glossary has been included. Texts may be read independently or used as read-alouds. Resource Guides coordinated with each title present numerous activities to assist teachers in integrating social studies across the curriculum. Comprehension and writing activities support using the stories for whole or small group reading instruction.